Quick glance at a Site page

Site page is your one stop for all the data logged from that respective site. It also shows a sweet graph with timestamps of each event when it was logged.

The list below the graph logs a complete list of events and a neat table view for each event.

Here’s how the site page looks like –

Site actions

  • Realtime monitoring – A switch to toggle live data monitoring for the site, once enabled you’d be able to see each event getting logged realtime in the table and graph.
  • Site Settings – Holds site configuration and option to delete the site completely.

Quick event actions

  • Share event – Use it to share event links publicly with a self-expiry limit.
  • View event – Takes you to the event details page which holds all the data related to the respective event.
  • Delete event – Once clicked it deletes the respective event from the site data.

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