Simplified Site Monitoring.
That tracks everything!

Stalkfish gives you real-time actionable insights happening behind the scenes on your site. So you know what happens and when, even when your site is being hacked.

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Core Features

Why Stalkfish is worth signing up?

Features to help you monitor & take action at every aspect of your site.

  • Instant Setup

    Connecting a site is as instant as a few clicks, with our automatic setup process. It only takes a few seconds and you're good to start monitoring.

  • Link Sharing

    Share your events publicly as self-expiring links with a single click from your site dashboard. You can set the validity of these links targeted to per view or up to a month.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    Our real time monitoring is as close as it gets to watching live actions take place on your site. Even when your site is compromised, you will be able to see what all is happening.

  • Exportable Reports Soon

    Site reports are very much exportable either by downloading them locally or by getting them delivered to your email. This feature is in development and will soon be available.

  • Event Based Alerts

    Set custom alerts based on events that you want to be notified, via email, slack and more. Our alert creator is as easy and flexible as possible, to help you set alerts for any action on your site.

  • Broken Link & Mixed Content Alerts Soon

    Stalkfish indexes all the links available on your site at the time of first contact, hence able to notify you as soon as a link is not available or page contents not loading as expected.

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  • Free

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    Still Free

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    • Check iconUnlimited sites
    • Check icon500 events
    • Check icon10 active share links
    • Check icon7 days retention
    • Check icon2 users
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  • Starter

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    • Check iconUnlimited sites
    • Check icon10,000 events
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    • Check icon1 year retention
    • Check icon5 users
    • Check iconEmail, Slack & more notifications
  • Pro

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    • Check icon Unlimited Sites
    • Check icon500,000 events
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  • # One-Click Integrations

    Get-set connected to your WordPress sites in seconds

    Connect your WordPress site in seconds automagically with just a single click from our app. A URL to your site is all it takes to connect.

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  • # Custom Alerts

    Alerts delivered to you whenever & wherever you want them to be

    Our custom alerts are always here to help you stay in the hot seat for any mission critical event that occurs on your site. Get it delivered to Email, Slack and more channels.

    Stalkfish feature
  • # Shareable Links

    Share events publicly with self-expiring links

    Remember that one event/action that took place on your site and you want to show it publicly without having to give anyone access to your site, it's possible now with our shareable links. Not only share but you can also set the validity of these links.

    Stalkfish feature
  • # Exportable Site Reports

    Get your weekly site reports delivered at email and locally

    Stalkfish provides site exports, you can opt for weekly reports or download them locally whenever you want. This feature will be made available at site dashboards soon, as it is still a work in progress.

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