Hey there,

I'm Ram, founder of Stalkfish!

Back in December 2021, during Christmas break, I wrote my first commit for Stalkfish.

The idea was to create a solution for WordPress sites to collect activity logs for sites so that you never have to wonder when anything changed on your site and who caused it; without polluting your database. Though it was never a plan to stop just at activity logs but also make a one-stop monitoring solution for WordPress sites.

Stalkfish initially started as something for my own needs, though there were other solutions in the market, I was looking for an off-site solution where I could monitor all my sites at once, and save time hopping off from one site to another.

Building Stalkfish has also been a great experience learning Laravel, an amazing application framework. And I want it remain a source of learning and providing a monitoring solution to people to use it on a daily basis. I envision Stalkfish to be something that serves our customers needs for years to come.

Hence we’re committed to staying small:

  • Staying small means we can grow at a rate that we can keep up with
  • Helps us focus on a customer driven product
  • Making features for the fun of it or because we can
  • Listening to customers more than often to build a tool that would make lives easier

If you're reading this, and you ARE a customer, thank you. Your support keeps this business alive, my family fed, and me learning.

Meet the team

Together we're team Stalkfish

We're building tools that help our customers, and make lives easier.

Ram Ratan Maurya

Founder & Lead Developer

Ram is a full-stack developer and a core WordPress contributor with over a decade of experience working with WordPress. Working with Delicious Brains (acquired by WPEngine) by the day and hustling with side-projects by night.

Krishna Kant Chourasiya

Dreamer & Developer

Krishna is a developer passionate about making customer experiences as smooth and frictionless as possible. He also has a thing for design in his free time and is always hungry to get things done. He is currently working at Codestag/AnalogWP.

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